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Customer & Expert Testimonials

We are always happy when our customers are happy. Here you can read how myFleaTrap™ made them happy and flea free.


" 90% of fleas are on the carpet; myFleaTrap catches them all.

My dog suffered from fleas for a long time. myFleaTrap really did the job fast and thoroughly. Thanks! "

Dana, Chicago

" This is one product I can count on each time I have flea problems. I think it’s important to have a solution that is good for the environment, rather than what I used to use, which partially worked. "

Mark, Park Slope, NYC

" [myFleaTrap] works as promised, and I cleared two rooms in two nights and was done with that. I also like its design, though I put it away in the closet for the rest of the time.

I would and recommend this to anyone I know that has a flea control issue. My Dog is Happy, too. Thank you. "

Lisa, owner to Dex, a flea-less dog

" Good product. Worked just fine for me and my dog, Mr. Fred, who for some reason tries repeatedly to play with it, and open the drawer its in. "

Jenna, LA


" Pet owners are often amazed at the number of fleas caught in the trap. Every flea trapped is one less flea biting people in the home and one less feeding on your dog or cat.

I have found myFleaTrap to be an effective and environmentally safe addition to a complete flea control program. "

Dr. Michael Dryden DVM, M.S., PhD

" It looks like the this trap works better in real life than in the lab; it cleans the entire house – catches thousands of them. "

" By far, it is the best flea trap I have ever seen. "

" We were surprised by the number of fleas this trap collects. "

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