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Commercial Offers

Get Rid of Fleas the Right Way!

Offer your clients and customers the best flea trap available on the market — they will thank you!

Are you a veterinarian, kennel manager, or groomer?

Are your customers complaining about their pet's fleas?

Now YOU can have the solution for them!

Your clients demand products that work, with proved efficacy and scientific background. They require an easy-to-handle solution to their pet's distress, and they turn to you for advice.

Up until now there was no solid answer to the problem of fleas around the house – a pet owner’s options were limited to spraying his pet with chemicals, or keeping the pet indoors.

Provide your clients with a safe option

Now, with myFleaTrap™ on the market, your customers can enjoy the benefits of a flea-less home. With the many advantages explained in this page - myFleaTrap™ is the best, environmentally safe solution to pestering fleas.

Order a large amount of myFleaTrap™ units for sale at your place of business at a special price and your customers will thank you time and again for the renewal of their peace-of-mind, and the serenity of their pets.


Observation of Dr. 'Flea' Dryden, a fellow colleague:

"Pet owners are often amazed at the number of fleas caught in the trap. Every flea trapped is one less flea biting people in the home and one less feeding on your dog or cat.

I have found "myFleaTrap™" to be an effective and environmentally safe addition to a complete flea control program. "

Dr. Michael Dryden DVM, M.S., PhD