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  • Environmentally safe & fariendly
  • Cordless, lightweight & portable
  • Hassle-free & easy to use
  • 40ft & beyond capture range

Get Rid of Fleas the Right Way!

Fleas are a nuisance to pets and people alike. They hide in your clothes, on your pets, in your carpets and rugs, making your life miserable.

myFleaTrap™ is your safe, easy to use and guaranteed to work flea solution! With absolutely no dangerous chemicals, myFleaTrap™ attracts the fleas off the floor, carpets and furniture and traps them on a replaceable adhesive pad.

Eliminate your flea infestation effortlessly with myFleaTrap™ - and keep your home and pets safe!


Proven Scientific Results!

Based on a Kansas State University patent and tested in a lab against other flea trapping products, myFleaTrap™ has proven to be the most efficient way to get rid of fleas time and again!

Effortless Elimination!

Cordless and portable, myFleaTrap™ is a safe and easy to operate solution for everyone.

Not only is your flea solution is beautifully designed and effective, it requires no effort from you. Simply place the trap on the floor and turn it on, then remove the adhesive pad in the morning!

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What People Are Saying

Customers Say About myFleaTrap™

“It’s unbelievable; it cleans the whole house, and catches thousands in one day!"

"90% of fleas are on the carpet; myFleaTrap catches them all."

Experts Say About myFleaTrap™

"By far, it is the best and most efficient flea trap I have ever seen."

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